Colorado springs accommodating iol

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Now if I can remember those times I could probably give a pretty good assessment of them.

New England : Hot and muggy in the summer and cold a miserable in the winter.

Spring and fall are nice especially the fall with the leaves.

Winters would be very treacherous if you have balance or walking difficulty.

Not a great place for MSers, although we have great medical in Houston. Will move in a year or so I hope to a cooler climate and drier one. Although it's mainly out of curiosity, I will be applying to long-term jobs over the course of the year, so I might need to move (I am currently in Louisiana and I love it here, but I think the weather might be nastier and affect me more over the course of years).

The good side would be the access to medical care and research being done on MS as well as the great opportunities to stay independent after disability sets in. (I have lived in Wichita, Chicago, Yuma, So Cal, Boulder, Palo Alto, Reno, and here.) Quix BIG vote for the Pacific Northwest!! I don't mind being in the midwest - we get all 4 seasons, though summer heat can be oppressive. I have a spare bedroom and with the cost of this Me Ssy disease perhaps I will take in a boarder!

We have a good transportation system, disability programs, and networking with others going through similar health issues. I moved here from Nevada and it is lush and cool and wonderful. Very Temperate, mild winters, cool summers except for 6 weeks when it gets into the 90's sometimes, but most places have A/C. LOL be well, Lulu Well let's see I have lived in just about every part of this country at one time or another.

I have to think about it, but this I can see that this could be a tricky question to try and come up with one single answer.

I'm hoping someone else will chime in and give some advice. Remember, I don't have MS, but given what I know about it, I'd think you want a cooler climate.

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